Zippyz by Little Trendyz

zippys by little trendyzZippyz by Little Trendyz is a company that was created by a mom who was frustrated with the onesies and footed pajamas on the market. Lisa Youngelson came up with the idea when she was tired of dealing with late night changes that left her baby boy Ryan with a cold and exposed chest during changes. Lisa realized that she was not pleased with either kind of newborn pajama on the market; the snaps were hard to line up, the zipper was leaving his chest cold, there just had to be an easier way! And then there was.. Lisa created the Zippyz in 2010 as a combination of both pajama styles. With three snaps on top, and a zipper from foot to belly, babies stay warm while getting changed. Zippyz are made from a combination of organic cotton and bamboo making the pajama soft for babies and eco-friendly. Take a look at how Zippyz work below.

This product is geared towards new parents and new babies. With its easy to use changing abilities, it cuts the changing process in half, and with the soft material, parents don’t have to worry about the material that they are dressing their babies in. The product is the company’s biggest strength. Since there is no other product like this on the market, Zippyz can capitalize on this opportunity to become a household name. At this time there is a lack of product awareness and brand recognition which can be changed through an integrated marketing campaign (IMC). In order to truly build awareness and recognition, creating an IMC strategy that integrates the same branding and messaging through different channels will help Zippyz be seen on a larger scale. At this time, the biggest threat to Zippyz would be a more established company creating a similar product for a lower price point. At $25 a pair it is a product that is geared towards middle class families.

Due to the  potential for growth that Zippyz is exhibiting, I would suggest a major overhaul of all social media channels in order to create consistent brand imagery. I would implement a #zippyz hashtag in order to be found easier across all channels, as well as start using channels more frequently. By posting more consistently Zippyz will be found much quicker and with a higher search ranking. Including a blog in the campaign will be especially important, with a blog that is consistently being updated more keywords and tagged words will boost rankings and being found. In order to not have to wonder about what to post about, I would take the approach of a “parent” blog. Reaching out to other parents who have good baby products that aren’t being recognized and having them guest write, as well as offer tips and advice for new parents. A nice mix of advice and product referrals will really help the brand Little Trendyz become much more recognized as a go-to source for parents. Another great way to increase awareness would be to hold contests and promotions where people can win one of the products. This would increase shares and likes depending on the contest.

In order to make the process of posting on various platforms easier, I would implement a tool like Hootsuite. By using Hootsuite for posting could be planned in advance on a weekly basis in order to save time. It would also allow one place to check and track interaction with followers instead of jumping from platform to platform. Using an IMC will help take a great product farther, faster. By integrating the brand through the various platforms, Zippyz can quickly become a household name.


Why I Think Old Navy is Getting it Right


Old Navy is a company that I believe is handing social media and brand strategy in a very effective way. When it comes to reaching out to customers, they send emails consistently letting people know about sales and upcoming products, as well as staying on top of different forms of social media. On their website, when you go to their page, there are consistently happy pictures and images while still constantly allocating a section right on the home page that gives a coupon code, or sale information.

Another way they emphasize their branding is by using the picture shown above on both their Facebook page and Twitter page. Using the same pictures across various platforms is a great way to maintain ease of identification for users. This way people know what company they are looking at very quickly.


Old Navy stays up to date with various information on Twitter by posting anywhere from 1 – 4 times per day. Some Twitter posts, are more well received than others. I screenshot a picture to the right of what is one of their most popular recent tweets. It got 50 retweets and was selected as a favorite, 100 times. It is promoting a sale, while also promoting a new style. This is one of the ways that Old Navy is keeping their customers engaged in their Twitter feed while also letting them know what is going on in their stores.

This week we read an article by Stephanie Schwab that spoke about branding. I think that of the things she speaks about, the branding voice really resonates with Old Navy. The tone that is used by Old Navy is consistently bright and cheery while being informative about products. The character is friendly, warm, and directed to women throughout all of their sites. The purpose is clearly to sell and the language is always simple. I believe that Old Navy uses Stephanie Schwab’s concepts wholeheartedly.

oldnavypinterestThe concept also extends to their Pinterest page. While Old Navy still strives to sell their clothing, on Pinterest they are also reaching out and showing their customers different ways that they can use their clothing in their lifestyle. This shows the company in a different way. Instead of always selling to the consumer, they are now also showcasing their items and other items and how consumers can use them in their life.

All of these different things are why I think Old Navy is doing a great job reaching out to customers. They have a consistent brand and are working on reaching out to customers in various social media platforms.

Communication Planning vs. Media Planning

Before reading this chapter, I will admit that I thought communications planning and media planning weren’t all that different. However, I was completely wrong. According to Young (2010) “Media planning is focused on reaching as many of the right audience in the right place at the right time and at the right cost as possible, whereas communications planning is less about reaching people than influencing them.” 1 As more social media applications and platforms grow in popularity, influence is a major desire for companies and people. Knowing how you are influencing people has become such a major strategy that platforms have come out solely to measure influence, such as Klout. I have to say that when I plugged in all of my information and saw what my own Klout score was, seeing the impact of my influence was incredible. It was enough to really make me think of what I was doing to see how I could influence the people who follow, like, or friend me even more. I find it very interesting that across all platforms, people may or may not choose to follow a brand. For instance, I have a lot of followers on Pinterest, but not nearly as many on Instagram. This shows that some platforms may showcase my personality and ingenuity better than others. Just because people find me interesting in one aspect, they might not find me interesting at all in another. This holds true for brands and companies as well. Just because I have liked Old Navy on Facebook, does not mean I am interested in seeing what they are doing on Twitter. Influence is a concept that shows how much companies have to prove their brand management across various borders.

Thinking of how to apply the concept of influence to various channels, I took a look at the readings and video and would like to focus on how the tone, purpose, language, and persona can enhance a brand no matter what platform is used.2  By ensuring that what a company or person puts out into the world maintains the same branding as what they do in print and other communication appeals, I believe this is a good way to handle branding and create a communications strategy. For instance, I would like to expand my business in social media, so not only do I strive to show my personality through all of my social media interaction, but I also like to try and help others with ideas when possible. I created a Pinterest board solely about social media which has already helped me get new followers and new people interacting with me. This is a strategy that I am using to help my brand. Whether it will work or not, I will see in the long run. Right now my main focus is creating a brand that I feel best represents me. I think companies need to do the same thing when it comes to their own brand strategies and they need to figure out ways to be on many social media platforms in different ways that represent their own branding strategy.

1 – Young, Antony. “A Shift From Media Planning to Communications Planning.” Brand Media Strategy: Integrated Communications Planning in the Digital Era. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010. 74. Print.

2 – Schwab, Stephanie. “Finding Your Brand Voice.” Social Media Explorer Finding Your Brand Voice Comments. N.p., 31 Mar. 2011. Web. 05 Sept. 2013. <;.